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A conversation experience that will allow you to have innovative, unique and effective interactions with users. 

Much more than a simple bot, GAIA Web Mode is a virtual assistant able to give information, advice and suggestions on products or services, collect reservations and acquire new contacts, directly from the website.


Copyright 2020 © UP media srl. All rights reserved - P.I. 06990150481

Copyright 2020 © UP media srl. All rights reserved - P.I. 06990150481

Privacy policy

Privacy policy


Improve the user experience of your website


Web Mode is the next step in the evolution of chatbots: using natural language processing (NLP) techniques, GAIA is able to understand the user's requests, both written and spoken, and to perform the necessary actions autonomously.
A unique, customized solution to automate your routine, service and research tasks within your systems.

Embrace innovation: it's no longer enough to simply appear on the web, GAIA can now manage the interaction with users!


Take advantage of the potential of GAIA to make user interfacing unique.

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Lead generation

Collects data, enters it into company crm and notifies operators

Takes reservations

Makes appointments/bookings and sends confirmation emails

Frequently asked questions

Responds to all user requests for information

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Suggests and advises

Provides advice and suggestions to guide users in their choices

Direct purchases and payments

Receive a link via SMS and pay via PayPal 

Speaks 9 languages

GAIA is without borders, choose the language you prefer.

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Provide directions

Provides requested directions by showing maps/plans

Live chat

During the conversation users can request the intervention of an operator

Send Email and SMS

Send SMS and EMAIL communications using marketing automation

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Browser automation

Guides users through the site, taking them to the pages they are interested in

Shows photos, videos, links and pdf

Allows you to open and monitor service and support tickets

Integrates with CRM

Perfectly integrated with your software and e-commerce


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Now that you know GAIA Web Mode you just need to know its cost. An advanced AI technology at the best price, ask for a quote and tell us about your project.




Now you can bring GAIA in your business to offer a unique interactive experience.

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