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Artificial Intelligence

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Bringing innovation to your business


Copyright 2020 © UP media srl. All rights reserved - P.I. 06990150481

Copyright 2020 © UP media srl. All rights reserved - P.I. 06990150481


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Privacy policy


Meet  GAIA

GAIA is Upmedia's artificial human: a virtual assistant that interprets natural language and interacts vocally with users, answering even unexpected questions and simulating a real conversation. An innovative system based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

GAIA can be deployed from many devices: 



Make the most of GAIA's potential to engage with users in a unique way.

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Takes reservations

Takes appointments/bookings and sends automated confirmation emails

Frequently asked questions

Answers to all user inquiries

Lead generation

Collects data, enters it into company crm and notifies operators

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Suggests and advises

Provides advice and suggestions to guide users in their choices

Direct purchases and payments

Sends a link via SMS to pay via PayPal

Speaks 9 languages

GAIA has no boundaries, choose the language you prefer

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Open support tickets

Opens and monitors service and support tickets

Send Email and SMS

Send SMS and EMAIL to your users using marketing automation

Provides directions

Provides requested directions by showing maps/plans

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Scan documents and barcodes

Scan your documents and barcodes and send them to the Virtual Assistant

Shows photos, videos, links and pdfs

Opens and monitors service and support tickets

Integrates with CRM

Seamlessly integrated with your software and e-commerce

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The optional tool that you can add to GAIA to manage orders, reservations and purchases.


• User-friendly customized graphic interface

Insert your logo, your photos and colors

Direct payments
Pay online (PayPal, Stripe), at the checkout or upon delivery


Delivery, take away, delivery agents management

Manage all types of orders.

Suitable for any business

More than just food, make the most of it to promote your business and sell your products


  GAIA is    the perfect answer to all business objectives.

Whatever your business, we can tailor the perfect solution for your needs.

A new way to connect with your customers: GAIA is a powerful tool designed to enhance brand interaction with their target audience offering fully tailored solutions perfect for any sector or industry and any company size.

Use GAIA to offer the best interactive experience to your customers streamlining your workflow and improving your customer service.

GAIA is the new age interface between human and computer interaction


 Create your GAIA

We have designed Gaia, what will your Artificial Human look like?

You create the new face of your business, its outfit and background based on your business field.

A personalized background will make the user feel at ease during the conversations.

Imagine yourself as the Virtual Assistant of your company, would you like that?

Become the Artificial Human of your business!

Let's get in touch

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